This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The M.O.M. Method. While I did receive compensation for this post, all statements are my opinion and my opinion only.

I can’t believe Princess D will be turning 9 years old in just a few months. She has been bringing home more homework and juggling all kinds of after school activities. With my new (and constantly changing) yoga teaching schedule it is a lot harder keeping up with everyday life tasks. It is time to start empowering Princess D (a.k.a. making her do things she is totally capable of).

I have surrendered to the fact that I can’t control life, but as a former project manager (and Virgo), calendars, reminders and alarms help give me a handle on what I can control … our daily schedule! My daughter thrives on schedules and to-do lists. Every month I used to update a calendar in her room and she would cross off every day that passed. Unfortunately, I hate handwriting in calendars events that are recurring and don’t want to create to-do lists for things like “put on dance tights” and “brush your teeth.”

Solution: The M.O.M. Method! It is a FREE web-based program that makes scheduling easy for parents and teaches kids about being responsible for their time and tasks. Created by single mom Stephanie Katleman, M.O.M. Method includes: task management, calendaring, point system, reporting, planning tools, parenting resources and a mobile app. *cue the angels singing*

The M.O.M. Method

To be honest, it does take a little bit of time and concentration to set it up, but it is not complicated and once you have set it up there is very little maintenance. First, you will set up daily tasks like making the bed, getting homework done, feeding the pet, taking a shower. Then, set up weekly recurring activities like dance and swim lessons. Finally, set up monthly events like school breaks.

Voilà … you never have to hear “Moooooooom, what am I doing today?” because your child has a “kid friendly” view of their checklist and schedule that can be accessed on their desktop computer or tablet. Princess D loves checking off her tasks because for each one she gets points, and points mean rewards!

The M.O.M. Method

Princess D is at the perfect age to start learning her responsibilities and becoming a little more independent. Even as she grows older tools like this will help her keep on track and me involved in what she has on her plate.

Let me tell you about my 3 favorite features …

Plan-it. This is set up for weekly activities. You identify all of the tasks that need to happen for an activity and the system will calculate time backwards to show your child when they need to start getting ready.

The M.O.M. Method - Plan It

Export to calendar. What is even more brilliant about this tool is that I don’t have to give up my Google Calendar! There is an export feature that will allow me to import everything to my Google Calendar.

Print. If your kid does not have a computer or tablet you can print and post it. A good tip from Stephanie is to put the print out in a clear slip and your child can check their daily tasks off with a dry erase marker.

Got kids? You need The M.O.M. Method! See how this tool can make your life easier and your kids more responsible. Sign up now for a free beta account! Check it out at Like The M.O.M. Method on Facebook and follow the status updates on Twitter.


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