Today is Princess D’s 9th birthday! She is now entering those strange in between years … not really a little kid and not yet a teen. The “tween” years.

She is an amazing kid! She is witty, kind hearted, helpful and energetic. She knows her strengths and weaknesses, and works hard at managing them. Let’s be honest, I could go on for paragraphs at how much she has grown and matured over the past year. No matter what an incredible kid she is, these next few years will turn her upside down, shake her up and set her right side up again. It is my job as her mom to prepare her and myself for everything her hormones will throw at us!

The first thing I did was put the M.O.M. Method to work. If you didn’t read my post about this very rad tool go read about it here. My daughter has her list of daily “to do items” from making her bed in the morning, to summer homework, to brushing her teeth at night. She understands what activity her week consists of. I believe in the concept of empowering a person to own their daily schedule, and that skill should start at this impressionable age. This tool has made her more responsible and me less of a nag!

The M.O.M. Method

Next thing I did was getting her the American Girl: The Care & Keeping of You book. Where was this book when I was a kid? It covers everything from pimples to bullying. Princess D and I read one section every day together. This book has given her the words to ask me those confusing questions about her body and me the groundwork to tell her my personal experience. I can tell that she feels more confident understanding what is happening to her changing body.

American Girl: The Care & Keeping of You

Finally, I bought her these mesh sports style training bras from Target. Confession: I was in major denial that she needed a training bra, but she is just starting to show “buds” and apparently was getting teased at school. The bras are very lightweight and comfortable, and come in lots of colors. They even have a strap hook on the back for racerback style tops. She likes them and is a lot less self conscious.

Hanes® Girls' 2-Pack Bra

I know that the next 3 “tweenage” years will challenge us in so many unexpected ways. For those parents who have already been through them with your daughters I would love for you share what worked and what didn’t work for you.


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